Carrasqueño de la Sierra Variety

reasearch paper

Denomination and synonyms

Samples with the name “Carrasqueño” have been found in Hinojosa del Duque and Pozoblanco. The name “Carrasqueño de la Sierra” has been used to distinguish it from other varieties with the same generic name such as “Carrasqueño de Alcaudete” and “Carrasqueño” or “Carrasqueño de Lucena” which are synonyms for “Picudo”.

Geographical distribution, importance and interest

This variety is found spread across the northern districts of the province of Córdoba, Sierra and Valle de los Pedroches.

From the province’s Agricultural Inventory it would appear to be present in the Nevadillo-Campiña and Campiña-Penibética districts, although in reality the “Carrasqueño” that appears in the latter refers to the aforementioned synonym for “Picudo”. It only occupies 2,892 hectares in the Sierra region and 468 hectares in Valle de los Pedroches, representing 1.1% of the province’s olive groves.

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