Picudo Variety

Denomination and Synonyms

It receives its name due to the sharp and curved tip of its fruit and the presence of a pronounced teat.

The following are synonyms for “Picudo”: “Carrasqueño” in Lucena; “Carrasqueño de Lucena” in Cabra; “Paseto” in Montoro and “Picudo Blanco” in Ecija and Puente Genil.

Geographical distribution, importance and interest

This is the fourth largest variety in Andalusia by size of planted surface area but, due to being spread over a huge area, it never becomes the dominant variety in any district.

There is currently some interest in growing this due to the quality it brings to its oil, although its agronomic features as a whole do not favour its diffusion.

Agronomic features

Vigorous variety with high production but variable yield years. It is considered hardy, tolerant to winter frosts and reacts quite well to soil moisture, being more sensitive to a lack of water than an excess. The growth of its shoots is said to be slow speed. Its flowering time is average.

It has a double benefit but is appreciated mainly for the quality of its oil and its high fat yield. The fruit are late ripening and have a high resistance to drop, which causes the harvesting to be costly as many shoots are destroying in the process, particularly since these are also fragile. As a result the issue of alternate yield years is accentuated. It is high susceptible to leaf spot and tuberculosis.

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